Arizona Physician Contract Negotiation

The following are some items to consider when choosing an Arizona attorney to negotiate your physician employment agreement:

  1. Find an experienced physician contract review attorney.

In the long run, it is worth the time and expense to get appropriate advice from an attorney knowledgeable in physician contracts. The value in having a representative who will ask pertinent questions, and pursue the most favorable language is invaluable. Would you hire an ophthalmologist to provide a nephrology consultation? The same goes for a physician contract attorney; it’s likely your family’s estate planning attorney cannot do the best job for you.

  1. Avoid hostile or antagonistic negotiations.

You are going to have to work side-by-side with the physicians in your new practice, and overly hostile negotiations can lead to bad feelings that bleed into your integration into the practice. A successful negotiation does not need to cause negative feelings on either side.

  1. Determine what is important to you.

Determining what is a priority in your proposed employment agreement will make the negotiations a much smoother process. Do you need a more limited non-compete, tail insurance covered upon termination of the Agreement, a higher base salary? I can facilitate determining what priorities are reasonably negotiable, and what is simply a standard part of every physician employment agreement.